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CBD Infused Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder

Fountain of Youth, meets Nature's Calm.

Collagen has been hailed as the fountain of youth in the past 10 years with extensive results when it comes to you hair, nails ans rejuvenating your skin.

As you grow older your body produces less collagen, which causes dry skin, wrinkle formation to name a few. 

6 Benefits of taking Collagen:

  1. Can improve skin health
  2. Helps reduce signs of ageing
  3. Strengthens hair and nails
  4. Promotes a healthier immune system 
  5. Facilitates detoxification of the liver
  6. Promotes bone density

CBD promotes Homeostasis in your body. This means a number of  health benefits. 

Take the Alpha CBD Infused Collagen once a day in the mornings to ensure your skin,hair and nails are nourished and your mind is calm, focussed making sure you are ready for the day.



250g Tub

99% Pure Collagen

415mg CBD

This product is a dietary supplement and should not be used to replace any meals or medication.

This product is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness.

The Alpha CBD Infused Collagen has not been tested of evaluated by SAHPRA.

Please note that it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified medical professional who is well versed in the therapeutic use of CBD prior to using this product for yourself or your pet.

How to use: Scoop up a heaped spoon (approximately 12g). Mix this with 200ml water or milk, mix it with your smoothie or shake.

Best to be taken in the morning.

Each 12mg contains 20mg of Pure CBD

Do not exceed Government Regulation of 20mg CBD per day (24 hour cycle).

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