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CBD Alpha Male Skin Fuel Combo

The Skin Fuel Range is the only range the Alpha needs to refresh, impress and concur. 

The wash for a refreshing feel every morning and every evening, the Daily Moisturiser to smooth out unwanted bumps, lines and daily build up.

Gents, Are you the Alpha? 

Ladies, spoil your man with that Alpha smile.

The Alpha Male’s day starts and ends with a good facial cleanser and takes care of your skin so you can conquer your day.

 Cleanse twice a day for s smooth looking, fresh feeling and smile encouraging skin.

 CBD Clears the free radicals on your skin to ensure a clean, well preserved skin that is both balanced and smooth looking.

 CBD is the component you can rely on to keep your skin in homeostasis (balance).

This combo lasts approximately 45 days. 


100ml Face Wash 100mg

50ml 200mg Daily Moisturiser

Men's Face Wash

Directions for use: 1 Pump will dispense enough for your face and neck. Massage gently onto your skin, make sure you cover the complete surface. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES. Leave on for 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly.

Men's Daily Moisturiser

Directions: After cleansing with our daily cleanser apply the daily moisturiser on your face and your neck. Ensure the full area is covered for maximum results. Use twice daily.

Warnings: Avoid direct contact with your eyes. Should this happen rinse with Luke-warm water. For external use. Keep away from children. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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